New Zealand
New Zealand Life and Culture
New Zealand is a small independent island nation renowned for its stunning scenery and Maori culture. It is a modern, sophisticated and technologically advanced nation. It is one of the world’s most affordable English speaking destinations. They are also one among the most racially tolerant, welcoming all ethnicities and religion. Both North and South Island boast a range of unique cities with a dazzling array of culture and entertainment on offer.

New Zealand is world famous for the variety of its beautiful environment. The diverse scenery includes impressive mountainous areas, fertile farmland, as well as beautiful coastlines with stunning sandy beaches. Water sports are particularly popular in New Zealand.

As an international student in New Zealand you'll enjoy a varied lifestyle and a safe, friendly environment while you study. The local people are renowned for their hospitality and the warm Kiwi welcome extends to everyone.

New Zealand Education
New Zealand has an internationally reputed education system providing quality education. It offers a safe learning environment with excellent study opportunities and support services for international students. New Zealand produces top graduates who can take their place with confidence in the international arena in many disciplines.

New Zealand provides world-class education and training, along with new experiences, fun, relaxed lifestyle and a safe and healthy environment.

Work while study in New Zealand
While you’re studying, you can work for up to 20 hours a week during the academic year if you are studying full-time on a student visa at NZQA approved university or education provider. You may also be able to work full-time during the Christmas-New Year holiday period at the end of each academic year if you’re studying a course which is 12 months or more in duration.

New Zealand fact
Location: New Zealand lies southeast of Australia between latitudes 34 degrees south and 47 degrees south.
Area: 268,000 sq km
Population: 4 million
Capital: Wellington
Currency: New Zealand dollar
Major cities: Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin
Languages: English and Maori

New Zealand Climate
The climate is temperate with little extreme. Any huge variations in temperature can be accounted for by the combination of the mountainous geography and prevailing westerly winds.
New Zealand experiences summer from December - February and winter from June - August.

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