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International Education is today the synonym of globalization. Paramount Study Circle provides the best counseling and guidance to its students to help you choose and pursue your dream career in India and Abroad. The rigorous and time-consuming process of searching through innumerable career opportunities at numerous universities and colleges all over the world must have left you confused and uncertain.

But our in-depth counseling had made this simpler and easier for students.

We are associated with lots of colleges from all across the World, which varies from countries like - New Zealand, UK, Canada, Australia, Cyprus, Ireland, Europe, Switzerland, and More.

We represent many of leading Colleges, Universities of UK, New Zealand, Australia, Cyprus, Ireland, Europe, Canada, Poland for which we screen students and then help them to get student visas for the countries of their choice.

We regularly conduct seminars and counseling sessions from different institution from all across the world.

Through Overseas Education students acquire quality education in the classrooms and exciting experiences outside the classrooms. With the Study Abroad program the students are exposed to the varied cultural diversity..
Study Abroad Services
1. Career counseling
2. ielts assesssment
3. Application process and filing
4. Education loan and financial guidance
5. Visa assistance and documentation
6. Pre-departure guidelines.
1. Career counseling -- a career oriented counseling session for the candidate in order to view their future prospects and to select a professional course in most suited university in any of the countries across the globe.

2. Ielts assesssment -- an overall training program for the candidate to measure the english language ability and desired Scores required for immigrating to an english speaking country.

3. Application process and filing -- a complete filing and application process for the candiadate to selected Universities along with a recommendation letter and statement of purpose.

4. Education loan and financial guidance -- a basic personal guidance is given to the candidate for acquiring bank loan and other financial requisites.

5. Visa assistance and documentation
-- an unparalleled assistance for visa application is provided to the candidate with supporting formal documentation.

6. Pre-departure guidelines
a) accomodation/airport pick up/insurance-- an arrangement of airport pick up and temporary/hostel accomodation in co-ordination with the destination institutions is done. An overseas insurance for the candiadte is also provided.
b) travel arrangements-- guidance with travel arrangements, foreign exchange, bank a/c in foreign country and other facilities is also given..
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